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SpinGold requires a Windows Operating System (98, 2000, XP, Vista) and 15 MB of disk storage space.

SpinGold Roulette Software offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price refunded

If are not 100% satisfied with SpinGold, we will cheerfully refund your full purchase price within 30 days of the date purchased.

SpinGold Roulette Software is code signed. We guarantee it contains NO VIRUS or MALWARE of any kind.

SpinGold roulette software contains no viruses, spyware or malware of any kind and is digitally signed to guarantee you complete safety.

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SpinGold PRO Features

SpinGold PRO Roulette Companion has three objective:


  • Gather information as each spin of the roulette wheel is entered.

  • Record, save and diagnose the data.

  • Present the information in a variety of useful charts and screens

Listed below are a few of the many features found in SpinGold PRO. You will find each and every one of them very useful. With this information it is simple to plan your roulette strategy and give you a much better focus on how to win at roulette. SpinGold is not a roulette system. It is what we like to refer to as your advisor.

SpinGold PRO Feature List

  • Record each number hit in a single session

  • Display graphically each of the last 32 numbers hit

  • Display Odd/Even and Black/Red graphs of last 32 numbers

  • Hit/Miss ratio of last 32 numbers

  • Session spin counter

  • Personal resettable counter

  • Offline roulette wheel simulator for strategy analysis and practice

  • Session history Hit/Miss listing

  • Bet position counters and updates

  • Session numbers Hit/Missed chart

  • Access to wagering tutorials and wagering strategies

  • Save recorded sessions for offline revue

  • Play and save sessions for multiple casinos

  • Compare similarities between casinos

  • Merlin's session "Early Hit" suggestions listed by casino

  • Listing of HOT and COLD numbers by casino

  • Hit and Miss charts by casino

  • Print out spin history by casino for review

We listen to our customers. If we have overlooked certain data that can be captured and managed that would prove useful, we encourage you to let us know.

We are always receptive to ideas and are constantly searching for ways to improve the usefulness of SpinGold Roulette Companion.

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